These are my adventures of the my life and dreams

and the pursuit of a happy living in an off grid existence!

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 is about my life, the travels and random adventures I live.

I will be making regular videos to log my daily life. These videos are going include

local bands playing private sets, hikes, travels, animals, videos my friends make and general updates.

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This is my bus. She started her life as an activity bus in Pike County Ohio!

Then I turned her into an Ice Cream Bus!

I hit a point in life where I hit some hard times medically. At 38 years old I had 2 heart attacks and severe pneumonia.

 I was hospitalized for 2 weeks and had 5 days in ICU. I now had to make major changes in my life.

One of which, was I had to downsize and move out of the house I had rented for 7 years.

So un able to work and in need of a cheaper existence till I am back to health enough to work again.

I decided to repurpose my Ice Cream Bus into a class B RV mini home on wheels.

Now making the move of downsizing and living in a short bus has some challenges.

I love it! My bedroom moves where I go! This also allows me the freedom to pursue my dream of living a nomadic lifestyle.

So after stripping down the bus inside. I built a bed with under storage, desk and a small galley area to cook at. I am installing

solar panels for an off grid renewable source of energy.

I received my 2 eco-worthy 160 Watt solar panels. Now I have to figure out how to install them on a bus.

 Are there any metal fabricators that would like to help me? I am so excited to have solar power.


Soon I will be posting more updates & pictures of her current phase!


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